The Dappled Light Project 
Live Dance and Moving Video Performance  Installation

The Dappled Light Project offers intimate site responsive performance installations, engaging the audience with the immediacy of a dappled light experience

The Dappled Light Project 

Live Dance and Moving Video Performance Installation 

Dance Artist: Michelle Man
Video Artist: June Gersten Roberts
Music: Howard Haigh

Performance Photographic Images 1-9: Roger Bygott
Video Stills Images 10-18 : Claire Iddon and Alistair Emmett


The Dappled Light Project performance installation for Lunesdale Arts Trail 2016 was designed specifically for the live/work spaces in Wenning Studios, deliberately melding associations of landscape and dwelling to play with the poetics of habitat. The installation invites audiences into a space that is both domestic and working, a place of open floors and secretive corners, a storehouse of hidden cupboards for imagination in which performance plays with relationships between the choreographing camera and the sensitised dancing body, as they both respond to dappled light.

 Audience Responses:
'what a suberb project,  thank you for engulfing the space with beautiful dancing images and music'
'intimate and delicate performance and installation'
'lovely liquid light pouring down the wall, sparkling greys'